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The Best Places To Stay in Lima: The Ultimate Guide 2018

The best places to stay in Lima 2018: Our list of the best places to stay in Lima has been selected after gathering many different impressions from our travel experts here at the Only Peru Guide. We understand the various traveler’s
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The 10 Best Hostels In Cusco – 2018 Update

The 10 best hostels in Cusco – 2018 UPDATE: Tourism is the biggest industry in the city by far, thus Cusco features accommodation options to serve a wide range of travelers with various tastes and budgets. In this 10 best hostels

The Best Places to Drink in Cusco

There is no shortage of Cusco bars and clubs with nice ambiance, strong drinks and funky style. Given that tourism is the major industry in the city and the thirsty crowds come and go often, the bars are almost ubiquitous. You

Where to Party in Cusco

If you are looking for a night club, Cusco has your back! The Cusco nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Peru and it features everything from electronic, reggae, rock, hip-hop music and more! Plus, many of the venues keep
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The 5 Best Bloggers To Visit Peru

The 5 best bloggers to visit Peru – 2018 update: Peru is a country which has attracted many different characters with various lifestyles and backgrounds. From the nine to fivers taking a break to spend some time traveling to the digital
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Where To Stay In Lima: Best Places To Stay in 2018

Where To Stay in Lima 2018 Updated Information – Find out all you need to know about the best places to stay in Lima: Where to stay in Lima really come down to a matter of taste. The city offers a
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Kuelap’s New Cable Cars: Your Ride to the Machu Picchu of the North

Kuelap’s new cable cars have been operating since 2017. These cable cars were built with the latest technology and they drastically reduce the travel time to the top of the mountain where Kuelap lies on. Moreover, Kuelap’s new cable cars are
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Inca Jungle Trek: Adrenaline And Adventure

The Inca Jungle Trek To Machu Picchu: Looking for an adrenaline rush experience on your way to Machu Picchu? Then the Inca Jungle Trek is just for you! The Inca Jungle Trek is by far the most action-packed way to get
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The Best Peruvian Fruits: An Exotic Diversity

Peruvian fruits are the result of some of Peru’s blessings – it’s amazing biodiversity and variety of climates and regions. The wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables in Peru along with other factors such as cultural fusion is the reason
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The Nazca Lines: What They Are & How To See Them

The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs of impressive size ranging from 165 feet to 1200 feet long. These giant markings cover a total area of 170 square miles with many different patterns; animals, plants and geometric shapes. After Machu Picchu, the

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