Huacachina nightlife: What you should know

September 8, 2020

Looking to visit Huacachina and don’t know what to do?. Get to know the Huacachina nightlife and party in the only oasis of south America.

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A few hours away from Lima, you can enjoy visiting one of the most outstanding deserts in Peru. When we talk about Huacachina the first thing that pop-ups in our minds are sandboard over the sand dunes, go on a dune buggy ride, and relax by the pool. However, this oasis has more things to offer. There are no limits when we talk about Huacachina.

Despite Huacachina can be a quiet town during the day, at night it becomes the opposite. If you are the kind person who likes to meet people and have a good time then Huacachina will be the right place. The nightlife in this oasis is one of a kind experience as there are pretty good party hostels and lots of bars all over the place.

Thanks to the tourism boom Huacachina has changed a lot in the last few years. Nowadays, this popular desert oasis receives a lot of tourists every day pretty much looking for great adventures and definitely wild parties.

In order to make worth your visit, here are some things you need to consider when traveling to Huacachina.

Know where to stay in Huacachina

When talking about Huachina nightlife, its important to consider all your options. Once arriving, you will come across lots of hostels and hotels but only a few can offer you a real experience.

After a day full of activities in the dunes the best thing left to do is to relax by the pool. Keep in mind one thing, Huachina has tropical weather so the sun comes up every single day of the year. If you are looking to chill out, it would be great to have a pool available. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pool and get some drinks and snacks.

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Where to party in Huacachina

The nightlife in Huachina is one of the most important attractions in this oasis. There are more things to do and visit than before, therefore, fun is guaranteed. If you really want to have fun these party hostels will be for you:

Wild Rover

Here you will experience the craziest parties in town. Wild Rover attracts an army of backpackers and Peruvians seemingly every night of the week. All kinds of songs keep people dancing and throwing delicious drinks until dawn.

Not to mention, the pool parties that make the experience more joinable and crazy. This is a perfect spot to meet other travelers, party, eat, drink, and much more. Plus, every night the hostel organizes a barbecue party for visitors to meet each other.

wild rover party huacachina

Banana’s adventure

This hostel is a good place for travelers who enjoy socializing. There is also an outdoor pool and a rooftop terrace with the view of the oasis. If you are looking to relax sitting by the pool this hostel will be for you. There is also exercise equipment so you can easily work out during your stay.

banana adventures huacachina

El Huacachinero

It’s a great place to relax while taking a cocktail next to the pool. Even though it does not have a Discoteca, the environment is ideal to spend the night meeting people and drinking.

el huacachinero

Bars to visit in Huacachina


If you want to get out of your hotel/hostel and have some drinks or maybe meet other travelers, come to this bar. Huacafuckingchina is a bar, restaurant, and a place where people gather to have a good time. Also, at nights it comes alive as a party place super loud and full of people dancing and drinking crazily.

huacafuckingchina peru

The Pub

Even though it could be a small bar, there is nothing to worry about. Try some of the tastiest cocktails in Huacachina, especially the iconic pisco sour. Plus, the bar offers generous happy hours so it’s better to go with friends.

The Pub Huacachina

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