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How To Get To Machu Picchu

Guide on how to get to Machu Picchu. Includes information on Poroy & Ollantaytambo stations, trains, timetables, taxis, colectivos and more.

Best Bus Companies

Travelling with Peruvian Bus Companies: 2019 updated information about the best bus companies, their routes and schedules. Find out all the information you need to know.

Classic Gringo Trail

The “Gringo Trail” is the most popular route that tourists travel on while in Peru. It consists of a convenient itinerary which follows a direct path and stops off in all of the most famous destinations in Peru.

Best Places To Stay In Lima

This guide provides a list of handpicked places to stay in Lima Peru recommended by travel experts. The list identifies hostels, hotels, guest houses and B&Bs which appeal to a wide range of travelers.


What To Bring To Peru

Packing to go on any vacation can get stressful. Here’s some useful information from The Only Peru Guide on what to bring to Peru.


The most common type of crime in Peru is petty pick-pocketing and theft of personal items. Following these simple precautions will keep you safe and free from crime.


There are no official vaccination requirements for entry into Peru. However, we always recommend that you seek information from a professional travel doctor before you travel.


The best way to minimize the effects is to gradually ascend, traveling with bus and not flying directly. Find out what other remedies there are to beat the altitude.



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