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Cusco to Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats Salar de Uyuni sunset reflective

Cusco To Uyuni Made Easy: How To Reach The Salt Flats

The journey from Cusco to Uyuni or Peru to Bolivia is quickly becoming one of the most traveled routes in all of South America and is now a rite of passage for those making the easy transition from Life as a
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The Ultimate Peruvian Beer Guide

Calling all Peruvian Beer aficionados: whether you’re living here, planning your trip or even if you’re just passing by – our team of experts has compiled the ultimate guide to Peruvian beer, customs & drinking culture, just for you. So read
Crisp scrubland transitions to snow capped peaks on the Vilcabamba Traverse Route

Machu Picchu Hike: Agencies want this blog banned! – Must read before you hike

Machu Picchu Hike 2018 update: With landscapes being a melting pot of diverse natural beauty and breathtaking ancient archeological ruins, Peru is quickly becoming known among outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers as one of the world’s best locations for hiking. Perhaps nothing
Breath Taking Views of the Vinicunca Horizon

Vinicunca Peru: My Rainbow Mountain Experience

Intro If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve heard the stories or seen some of the spectacular images of Vinicunca Peru that are making waves on social media. This formerly hidden, omni-colored peak is known globally as ‘Rainbow Mountain’ and
The Only Peru Guide

The Best Places to Drink in Cusco

There is no shortage of Cusco bars and clubs with nice ambiance, strong drinks and funky style. Given that tourism is the major industry in the city and the thirsty crowds come and go often, the bars are almost ubiquitous. You
The Only Peru Guide

Where to Party in Cusco

If you are looking for a night club, Cusco has your back! The Cusco nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Peru and it features everything from electronic, reggae, rock, hip-hop music and more! Plus, many of the venues keep
The Only Peru Guide

Rainbow Mountain Peru: Our 10 MUST Read Tips!

Rainbow Mountain Peru: Here are the top 10 unmissable tips from successful travellers who have completed this trek. Be ready to visit Rainbow Mountain by reading our extensive guide which most tourist companies do not want you to know about before
The Only Peru Guide

Peru Daily Travel Budget

Peru Daily Travel Budget: 2020 updated information about the daily budget needed for travelling Peru. Find out all of the information you need to know about the daily budget of travelling Peru from the cost of food, accommodation and transport. Daily
The Only Peru Guide

Tepsa Bus

Travelling with Tepsa: 2018 updated information about Tepsa buses, their routes and schedules. Find out all the information you need to know about travelling with Tepsa before you buy your ticket through this helpful guide. OVERVIEW AND HISTORY With over 60
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The Best Peruvian Bus Companies

Travelling with Peruvian Bus Companies: 2019 updated information about the best bus companies, their routes and schedules. Find out all the information you need to know.