Visiting Los baños del Inca in Cajamarca

Spend a relaxing day visiting these thermal baths. Get to know the treatment used by the Incas hundreds of years ago and dare yourself to dive into these magical waters at Los baños del Inca.

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Since Inca times the thermal baths were the best treatment to clear the mind and to relax the body, this thanks to the healing properties of the waters of the area. This tradition was inherited by the Inca Atahualpa, who moved to the hot springs of “Pultumarka” after the fighting. Nowadays, these baths are known as ‘Los Baños del Inca’, a medicinal spa that attracts thousands of people who seek, in its various pools of therapeutic waters, relief for the body, mind, and spirit.

Located 6 kilometers from Cajamarca, in the district of the same name, is this thermal bath complex that has medicinal waters with temperatures above 70°C (158 °F).

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History tells that when the Spaniards arrived in the territory of Cajamarca, the Inca Atahualpa was resting in the famous baths in the company of a select range of authorities. Some say the first encounter took place here; that the water pit was only for the exclusive use of the Inca and there are Inca treasures buried around the pools.

Certainly, there are lots of theories about this place, however, the fact that there are medical components in these waters makes it more believable that the Inca used the thermal baths for medical porpuses.

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Medical aspects

The minerals that constitute these waters have therapeutic properties that can be used to treat conditions of the bones, the nervous system, the dermis, and it is even said that they can help reduce or cure gastritis. There are also testimonies from visitors who claim to have been cured of illnesses and disorders such as rheumatism, bronchitis, and anxiety.

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The complex has four sections divided into 58 individual pools for tourists, 35 rooms with collective pools, an imperial section with 19 pools, and 19 compartments with shower facilities.

One of its main attractions is the Pozo del Inca (remodeled in 1947), which measures 4 meters long by 4 meters wide and 1.70 meters deep; it is one of the areas with the greatest affluence in the place. Historians say that here, the Inca Atahualpa fulfilled the ritual of recovering his strength thanks to the thermal waters.

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Local food

Its impressive architecture, beautiful natural landscape, picturesque accommodations, and very good restaurants with local Cajamarca food are other main reasons to visit this ancient sanctuary, the same one that was used by the Inca empire for the recreation of the Inca and his entourage.

In here, you will be able to taste the most representative dishes of Cajamarca like Picante de papa con cuy, chicharrón con mote, humitas nativas, and caldo verde.

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  • Thermal pools: from S/ 6.00 to S/ 25.00
  • Outdoor swimming pool: S/ 3.00
  • Hydromassage: S/ 20.00
  • Therapeutic massages: S/ 20.00
  • Sauna: S/ 10.00
  • Only visit: S/ 2.00

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Note: Prices might vary depending on the season

How to get to Los baños del Inca

Getting to the Baños del Inca from Cajamarca is relatively easy, both by combi and by taxi. Baños del Inca is a district located 6 km from the center of Cajamarca and has all the amenities required by a visitor. From the entrance ticket office, you can find all the different services they offer and the costs that each one of them has.

If you are taking a taxi, you can take it from Cajamarca square. The cost is 10 soles and it takes about 15 minutes to get there.

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