Capital: Cajamarca
Population: 1,360,000
Tourist Attractions: Ventanillas of Otuzco, Cumbemayo
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

Lying in the north of Peru and stretching along the Andes, Cajamarca was said to be where the end of the Inca Empire happened. The famous battle of Cajamarca in 1532 which resulted in the capture and subsequent murder of the Inca Emperor Atahualpa, was the turning point of Spanish Rule in the region. The 13 provinces of Cajamarca have an equatorial climate, assisting farming and the production of dairy products and cheeses. Although Cajamarca is Rich in Inca history there few tourist attractions in the region; and tourists are few and far between. The archaeological sites of Ventanillas de Otuzco and Cumbemayo are the main points of interest for visitors to the area.

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