Address: Calle Santa Catalina Ancha 110, Cusco (Plaza de Armas)
Telephone: (++51)


Ukukus is located on Calle Santa Catalina Ancha just off Cusco’s main square – Plaza de Armas. Entrance is below Norton Rats Bar, and across the road from Gatos Market.

About El Muki

Names after the mythological dwarf of The Andes, El Muki is a club that has been in Cusco nearly 30 years. With two bars, many barely lit alcoves and ample dance space this club is perfect to meet locals and dance the night away. Music is a mix of classic and modern Latin music.



Our Thoughts!

El Muki draws a crowd more biased towards locals than foreigners, as the music is often a little less main stream then most westerners are accustomed to. The Club has a great location just of the main plaza, close to many other bars in Cusco.

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