Cusco is quite famous in Peru for its active nightlife, and due to the high amounts of tourists the city is buzzing just about every night of the week. Most of Cusco’s nightlife, tourist bars and nightclubs are found near to the main plaza; with most bars open all day and nightclubs picking up around midnight. Most bars tend to cater towards the young, but there are several which are comfortable and relaxing for all ages.

Bars in Cusco

A nice cool beer is needed after many a day in Cusco. Whether you´ve just arrived back from the Inca trail, jumped off your flight from Lima, are stinking from a week in the Jungle or have been tormented by the constant beeping horns of taxi men, there´s always somewhere with an open door and a tipple to be had!

If you’re looking to sample some of the more authentic wares or something a bit stronger ask for a Pisco sour. Or even better just ask for the cocktail menu! The Cusco nightlife has something for everyone. There´s plenty of places to drink in Cusco and plenty of taxis to bring you home. Click the link below for our recommendations on the best places to drink in Cusco.

Places to Drink in Cusco

Nightclubs in Cusco

There are the typical style nightclubs in Cusco that start late and open till the early morning. Most places to drink in Cusco offer late bars but if you´re looking for something a bit more clubby there´s a few good spots in town. Follow the link below for some recommendations on the best places to party and dance in Cusco.

Where to Party in Cusco

Bars and clubs in Cusco come and go. Many change locations without updating websites and so on. It can be worthwhile asking in your hotel or hostel for some recommendations. Or check their facebook pages.