Where To Stay In Lima: Best Places To Stay in 2020

April 23, 2018

Where To Stay in Lima 2020 Updated Information – Find out all you need to know about the best places to stay in Lima: Where to stay in Lima really come down to a matter of taste. The city offers a wide range of activities and your choice will depend on the things you want to see and do. Home to modern buildings, fine colonial architecture, mythical ancient sites, die-hard nightlife, heavenly food and a diversity of people, these are just some of the things you can expect to find in Lima. Thus, to answer where the best places to stay in Lima, today our travel guide experts present you with an overview of the most popular districts in Lima and some of the best accommodation within them.


miraflores boardwalk near lighthouse - where to stay in lima

Miraflores is the most popular area where tourists and travelers stay. It is one of the safe and upscale districts in Lima. The district has an extensive list of accommodation along with cafés, clubs and bars all over the area. It has, for example, what is to this day the only hostel with a swimming pool in Lima, Pool Paradise Lima. Two of the top ten best restaurants in the world are also here. Moreover, the coastal edge of the district is a meeting point for outdoors activities such as paragliding, surfing, rollerblading, etc. Miraflores is certainly the best choice for first time visitors. After you get to know the city, you can explore different options.

Some accommodation options:

Pool Paradise Lima

Address: Casimiro Ulloa 324, Miraflores

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ Swimming Pool ✓

This hostel is Lima’s sensation. It offers the best of everything; lively atmosphere with comfortable facilities in a quiet and conveniently located neighborhood. The super helpful and friendly staff organize activities such as ping pong tournaments, trivia night, salsa lessons, and more to help everyone mingle at the BBQ area near the pool. The bar and restaurant serve local food and beers at unbeatable prices. The fine interior of the house gives it a classy touch which offers such an interesting contrast with the backyard. It is located within very close walking distance from Parque Kennedy, the center of Miraflores.

Flying Dog Hostel

Address: Martir Olaya 280, Miraflores

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

Cheap dorms, good Wi-Fi and a great view are just some of things you can expect to find here. This chain of hostel have positioned themselves in a central location in the heart of Miraflores surrounded by lots of shops, restaurants, markets, etc. Breakfast is served at a local restaurant nearby, however, the hostel does have a kitchen with a fridge and microwave. It features a lively atmosphere with drink specials at the bar. Despite the many advantages, the drawback, ironically, is that the area is noisy all night.

ENTERTAINMENT TIP: If looking for fun at night, or to watch sports during the day, or even a taste of home, visit the Wild Rover Hostels Chain for great food, sports and beer! Entrance to their bars is free even for non-guests

Kokopelli Hostel

Address: Calle Berlin 259, Miraflores

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant X Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

This hostel is clean and accommodating. Plus, each bunk has its own curtain and a large locker. The Wi-Fi works great in the whole hostel. The bar serves good drinks at a reasonable price. The staff are friendly and helpful. The bad news is that there are a couple of bars next door which tend to get quite noisy on the weekends and it is a bit hard to sleep at night. In an effort to alleviate this issue, the staff can give you earplugs if requested.

Puriwasi Lima

Address: Av. la Paz 174, Miraflores

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant X Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

It features comfortable bed, but it might get cold at night sometimes. Bathrooms are very clean but you might have to wait a bit for them in the morning. The Wi-Fi connection is very good throughout the whole hostel. Moreover, they have big lockers where you can store your bags. Breakfast is served on the rooftop near the kitchen and common areas.

Lima’s downtown (Centro de Lima)

Lima's water fountain park at night

This district contains the most renowned colonial landmarks of the city. Here you will find places such as the main square, the Government Palace, the Convent of San Francisco, the Congress, museums and many other attractions that are part of the Historic Center of Lima which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of small restaurants selling all kinds of Peruvian food and is home to Lima’s very own Chinatown and other marketplaces offering a variety of cheap items. On the downside, Centro de Lima has a reputation of being unsafe at night. However, the main square and its immediate surrounding streets are always safe to stick around.

Some accommodation options:

1900 Backpackers Hostel

Address: Av Wilson 1588, Cercado de Lima

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

This hostel is inside a beautifully decorated old colonial house located in the historical part of Lima. This big hostel with huge rooms has a a pool table, foosball table and a roof terrace where you can chill out in the evening. From here, it is a 15min walk to the main square, the museums and parks are just across the street. You can catch a bus to Miraflores right outside the hostel on road Wilson which is one of busiest roads in the area.


people walking on barranco's bajada de baños alley

It is regarded as the most romantic and bohemian district of Lima. The bars, traditional peñas, restaurants, and the colonial style houses keep up the edgy artistic vibe that Barranco is known for. Moreover, the district is home to many artists, poets, actors, photographers and musicians. During the day, you can take a walk in their colorful streets, eat at the excellent restaurants which are more affordable than those found in Miraflores, enjoy the view from the Bridge of Sighs, and more. At night, the music scene is vibrant with live music playing many different genres at various clubs and pubs.



Some accommodation options:

Point Hostel Lima

Address: Jr. Batalla De Junin 300, Barranco

Facilities: Free Breakfast X Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

This hostel has a variety of facilities including TV area, computer room, bar, backyard garden, etc. The staff are nice and kind. The atmosphere is fun and the location is quite convenient. The area is nice for walking and jogging on the beach which is only 10 minutes away.

Barranco Backpackers Inn

Address: Malecón Castilla 260, Barranco

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant X Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service X

It is located just a few minutes away from the beach and it has a very nice oceanic view. This is has a quiet, relaxed vibe rather than a party hostel so it is a good option if you are light sleeper. The hostel offers excellent value overall. It is located within walking distance from the main square, bars and restaurants and you can get all your travel questions answered at their in-house travel desk.

Kaminu Backpackers Hostel

Address: Bajada de Baños 342, Barranco

Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant X Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

This hostel features comfortable common areas where you can read some of the books that can be borrowed at the reception. Good coffee served with continental breakfast. The staff are informative and can offer lots of options for tours and related travel services. The clean bathrooms and comfortable beds are fantastic, however there have been some issues with low water pressure and lack of hot water. Nevertheless, the hostel is well rounded with plenty of nearby lounges, restaurants and the frequently visited Bridge of Sighs.

San Isidro

aerial view of San Isidro's financial district - where to stay in lima

San Isidro, another upscale district, is to the north of Miraflores and it is home to the financial center of Lima. Most foreign embassies and consulates are found here. To accommodate the wealthy businessmen and diplomats, San Isidro includes facilities such as tennis clubs, cocktail bars and a golf club. There are very few hostels in this area, but it is certainly an interesting place to stroll around.

Some accommodation options:

Youth Hostel Malka

Address: Lirios 165, San Isidro
Facilities: Free Breakfast ✓ Kitchen ✓ Bar X Restaurant ✓ Wifi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓

It is conveniently located close to some major companies’ bus terminals with daily trips to other Peruvian cities. This hostel is a cozy home away from home with a nice back garden which has hammocks and comfortable sofas where you can relax, chat and make friends with travelers. There is not much partying because it is in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood so you’ll be able to get a good night sleep here.  

As you can see, the various accommodation options listed in this post offer specific details that cater to various levels of comfort for a traveler. However, our top pick has to go to Pool Paradise Lima because it provides everything that travelers are looking for in a hostel! Moreover, its location in Miraflores, one of the safest districts in Lima, which makes it the perfect spot for you to begin your Peruvian adventure as well as your one last convenient stop before heading back to the airport to go on with your travels.

where to stay in lima - pool paradise lima, the only hostel in lima with a pool

Finally, Lima is a huge city that tends to be overlooked by travelers wishing to visit Machu Picchu or other famous attractions in Peru and South America. However, you will be missing out on a lot without the proper information beforehand. Thus, we invite you to check out our extensive Lima guide and our other pages as well for everything you need to know before landing in Peru. Moreover, you can explore Peru in a fun and relaxed way as you travel from Lima to Cusco with PeruHop buses. fixed itinerary.




Did you know - The Lima Walking Tour leaves from the Tourist Information Center at 799 Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores every day at 10:15 am. Visit our Blog for more information!

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