The Peruvian Rain Forest – My Visit

September 19, 2011
Peruvian Rainforest

Peruvian Rainforest

Taking the plane from Cuzco to the Amazonias Lodge in the rain forest there are spectacular views of the river winding its way through the jungle.

This is only the start of an exciting expedition that I have waited most of my life to do.

When the plane lands you are met by your guide and a mini bus that takes you to their hut and a refreshing drink of mango juice before a short drive to the river and your boat. During the 2 hour boat ride you are provided with a light lunch of meat and rice served up on a banana leaf before disembarking. The wooden steps lead up to a path for your first encounter with the jungle during a 15 min stroll to the lodge, where you are greeted with another drink of mango juice.

The lodge is constructed of logs and blends in with the environment, it is very comfortable and the food is typically Peruvian. About 6 meters from your room is the edge of the jungle, so when you lay in bed at night (under the mosquito netting) you can hear ‘the nocturnal sounds of the jungle’ awesome!

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Darkness falls as fast as daylight rises, just like flicking a switch.

The day starts early, giving you chance to get the best view of the wild life, afternoon is free time to sleep or go for a little stroll. We went out again in the evening. We even went out after dark with torches to see the eyes of Cayman light up.

Our guide had been brought up in one of the villages- so he was full of anecdotes and obviously knew where to take us to see interesting things. Such a peaceful life. After 3 days in the nearest town the indigenous people are ready to return to the jungle.

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the experience –FANTASTIC! Brazil nut trees towering above you, trees with a girth you could never imagine. Animals and insects you only see on nature documentaries on TV.

I am still as enthusiastic about my visit now as when I returned from it. I managed to do my dream trip once and now I am planning to go back and do it again.

Written by: Barry Lampen | Rojales – Spain



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