Restaurants In Miraflores: The Best Options

April 9, 2018

More and more, Peru is in the world’s spotlight thanks to its food. The wave of immigration from Asia, Africa, and Europe, combined with the indigenous knowledge and ingredients, has given rise to fusions that have never been seen before. In particular, Lima has been the main melting pot where this fusion has taken place. Lima’s Miraflores district is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Moreover, a couple of restaurants in Miraflores have been featured in the top 10 restaurants in the world by internationally renowned food experts.

Although having a meal at one of the famous restaurants can cost quite a bit, great food can also be found at other modest nearby venues. Keep on reading to find out some good options for every price range in Miraflores.


Address: Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores

Reservations for this restaurant need to be made well in advance. Central changes its menu every six months to go according to its mission of celebrating the country’s biodiversity. It is located near the Larcomar Shopping Center and it has been frequently ranked as the best restaurant in Latin America and the 5th best restaurant in the world by lists like The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Restaurants In Miraflores - tasty dish served in a bowl at Central restaurant


Address: Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores

Maido, which means welcome in Japanese, features a mouth-watering blend of Peruvian and Japanese food called Nikkei cuisine. Apart from its unique à la carte sushi bar, the menu offers a wide selection of seafood which showcases the great marine bounty of the Peruvian section of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, Maido was ranked as the 8th best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2018.

Restaurants In Miraflores - colorful dish made at Maido served on a plate


Address: Calle Bolívar 164, Miraflores Lima

A new and fresh take on the classic flavors of Peru, Saha is the brainchild of several world-class chefs who have come together to offer a fresh and fantastically affordable window into some of the best food that Peru has to offer. Enjoy fresh ingredients and incredible service at unbelievably low prices. If you are going to try one restaurant in Miraflores, make it Saha!


Address: Calle San Martin 300, Miraflores

Rafael’s menu showcases Peru‘s culinary heritage by presenting the combination of traditional native ingredients and cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences. This cozy and relatively small restaurant is great for a dinner night out. Make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Restaurants In Miraflores - six entree served options on scallop shells at Rafael



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Address: Av. la Paz 1079, Miraflores

This restaurant is popular for featuring exotic ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. The venue also offers a unique experience of a casual ambiance and jungle touches. The staff are friendly and willing to explain all the different ingredients that are found on their menu just in case you are not sure what to eat first.

Restaurants In Miraflores - Tacacho dish served on a plate at Amaz


Address: Calle Berlin 899, Miraflores

This restaurant offers hearty portions of seafood which are made exclusively with fresh Peruvian fish and vegetables. This is a great place to try the famous Peruvian ceviche. It is worth mentioning that Ceviche has been part of the Peruvian cuisine since ancient times.
Restaurants In Miraflores - ceviche served at Costa azul


Address: Calle 2 de Mayo 298, Miraflores

This steak house serves more than just fine beef. It also features Peruvian creole with a traditional cooking style that reminds many locals of their grandmothers. The most popular item on the menu is the “jarana criolla”; a sampling of six traditional Peruvian dishes. Tasty desserts are also available.

Restaurants In Miraflores - Peruvian creole food on a frying pan at Panchita restaurant


Address: Diagonal 160, Miraflores

This is one of the most traditional cafés in Miraflores. With over 50 years in the business, it is just meters away from the popular Parque Kennedy. Haiti serves soups, sandwiches, and main course options at lunch and dinner, as well as drinks and coffee. Outdoor seating is available in case you wish to smoke a cigarette while overlooking the park.

Restaurants In Miraflores - People sitting outdoors at Haiti café

Edo Sushi Bar

Address: Calle Berlin 601, Miraflores

Edo offers the classic makis that you could eat in any sushi restaurant. However, the restaurant also has some interesting combinations of sushi and ceviche. Don’t forget to try their “acevichado” as well as some of their other classics; Salmon skin Maki and Furai Maki.

Restaurants In Miraflores - maki sushi ready to eat at Edo Sushi Bar

La Lucha Sanguchería

Address: Av. Sta. Cruz 847, Miraflores

This is an iconic place with a long tradition in sandwich-making. Many consider it the best place to have a delicious and affordable sandwich in Miraflores. La Lucha also has an extensive list of smoothies and milkshakes to accompany your sandwich, and some of the best fries in Peru!

Restaurants In Miraflores - La Lucha staff member showing plates with dishes


Address: Av. Benavides 730, Miraflores

This is a branch of chain restaurants that specialize in roasted chicken. Peruvian style roasted chicken or “Pollo a la brasa” as it is locally known. Pardos have large servings that come with fries and salad as a standard. Side orders of salad, rice, fries and more are also available. The place is child-friendly, as well as carry-out and delivery options.

Restaurants In Miraflores - Pardos chicken logo

If you are looking for more affordable and tasty options, it’s worth mentioning that Parque Kennedy has some street food vendors serving some Peruvian classics such as piccarones, cremoladas, chicha morada and more.

To experience Peruvian food to the fullest, food tours and cooking classes are also available. You can learn how to make the best-known menu items like Ceviche and Pisco sour and many many more. To find the best operators and get the best value for your money, we recommend using; a search and comparison website for tours across all of South America.



Did you know - The Lima Walking Tour leaves from the Tourist Information Center at 799 Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores every day at 10:15 am. Visit our Blog for more information!

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