Using a Peruvian SIM Card While Traveling

November 30, 2018

While you are in Peru, you will probably want to be able to stay in contact with your friends and family. The best way to do this is by investing in a Peruvian SIM card. As it is both cheap and accessible, it is perfect travelers! While purchasing SIM cards in Peru is a relatively similar process to doing so in most parts of the world, it doesn’t hurt to know exactly how to go about obtaining your own SIM as soon as you arrive in Peru. Read our guide and you’ll be making & receiving calls like a Peruvian in no time!

Your phone must first be unlocked before a Peruvian SIM card will work in it. Be sure to check that your phone is unlocked before making the trip to Peru in order to avoid dealing with the hassle when you land.

Peruvian SIM Card

Throughout the world, two phone networks are used. These are GSM (Global system for Mobiles) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). The majority of countries in South America are connected through the use of GSM (including Peru). Phones that are connected using CDMA (most American phones) may not be compatible with the Peruvian network and therefore this should be checked before traveling. Luckily, lots of new-model phones now operate with both networks. A list of models that work under any network include: The iPhone 6 and later models; the Motorola Moto G4, E4, and later models; the Samsung Galaxy S7 and later models; and Google Pixel.

Purchasing a Peruvian SIM Card

In regards to SIM cards and communication services in Peru, Movistar and Claro are the two market leaders. The most popular option amongst backpackers and travelers is buying a prepaid SIM without a contract. These SIMs allow the backpacker to make and receive calls and to top up credit whenever they are running low.

Many Movistar and Claro stores can be found in Peru. They are both in Miraflores (Lima) alongside a number of other main destinations in Peru including Cusco, Arequipa and Puno. Upon purchasing your SIM, the store clerk will assist you in setting it up with your phone. The clerks sometimes require photo identification, so we recommend bringing your passport in order to avoid wasting any time.

How to Get a Peruvian SIM CArd

SIM cards in Peru are usually priced around S/.15 (about $5). After you buy your Peruvian SIM card, also purchase phone credit so that you are instantaneously ready to start communicating. Approximately S./20 (about $7) should cover what you need to get you off the ground and calling friends. Individual carrier pricing determines the exact amount that it will cost to both make and receive calls. As a general rule of thumb, texting is usually substantially cheaper than making calls.

An alternative option for a SIM card in Peru is the Super Chip Turista. This operator has identified the specific needs of tourists and has manufactured a SIM based around these needs. This Peruvian SIM card is provided by Entel. It costs S/.69 (around $20) is available for purchase in Miraflores (Lima), Cusco and Arequipa. S/.69 gets you unlimited time on Facebook and Whatsapp for 15 days, 20 minutes of domestic calls and 2 GB of data.

There you have it! You should be all set to purchase your own Peruvian SIM card and communicate openly and freely during your time in Peru. Happy travels!



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