Capital: Pucallpa
Population: 403,000
Tourist Attractions: Jungle Tours, Yarinacocha Lagoon
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

Located on the border with Brazil, this eastern region of Peru is almost entirely covered by Amazon Jungle. The Ucayali region of Peru is remote and largely inaccessible, and until 1945 the capital city – Pucallapa was only accessible by air or river. There are still many indigenous communities living in the Ucayali jungle, and several languages are still spoken there, including: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara and Shipibo. Daily flights from Lima to Pucallpa make the region accessible, but tourism is less developed than in other Jungle regions like Loreto and Madre de Dios. There are several jungle lodges close to Pucallpa and the Yarinacocha Lagoon offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

Ucayali Region – Photos

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