Capital (Lima Region): Huacho
Capital (The Republic of Peru):
The City of Lima
Population (Lima Region): 781,000
Population (City of Lima): Circa 9,000,000
Tourist Attractions: Lima Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Museum of the Convent of San Francisco, Museum of the Nation, Museum of Gold, Larco Musuem, Pachacamac, Circuito Mágico, Bus Tours, Lima Restaurants, Cooking Classes, Shopping, LarcoMar, Architecture
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It is important to know that Lima is a Region of Peru, which is made up of 9 provinces, one of which is the City of Lima located in the west. The City of Lima is the Capital of The Republic of Peru, and is autonomous from regional government of the Lima region.

The Lima region of Peru slopes gradually from the coast line into the foothills of the Andes, before rising sharply into the cordillera. This long narrow region that follows the Pacific Ocean is mainly a dry arid desert that offers little touristic value, and other than a few small hiking opportunities just outside Lima City.

The City of Lima, founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro the Spanish conquistador is the capital of The Republic of Peru, and is the 5th largest city by population in Latin America. Originally named – The City of Kings (El Ciudad de Los Reyes), Lima is the governing centre of Peru, and is an important financial hub in South America. Many tourists choose to skip Lima and fly directly onto other parts of the country, but the city is certainly worth taking a few days to discover. The historical centre, museums and several archaeological sites are popular with tourists, but others simply choose to take an open top bus tour of the city, and enjoy the many excellent restaurants Lima has to offer.

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