desserts from Peru

Dessert at La Gloria

If you plan to travel to Peru in the near future and you love good food, then don’t skip Lima and fly straight onto Cusco, take a day or so, and check-out one of the many great restaurants the capital has to offer.

Lima is a progressive capital, it’s dynamic and cosmopolitan way of life are reflected in the many great eateries and restaurants around the city. The gastronomic culture has exploded over the last few years with a new wave of highly skilled, dedicated and ground-breaking chefs. Their love and passion for combining traditional Peruvian flavors and ingredients, with modern cooking techniques has caught the world by storm. For this reason, Lima’s restaurant scene has flourished, and the streets of the city are literally littered with great restaurants.

Our travel experts have put together a guide of the best Lima restaurants. Click on the name to find out more information.


This Peru Guide offers reviews written by our panel travel experts. However, we know that the best information is provided by you. So if you are lucky enough to eat out in one of Lima’s restaurants, please take a moment to come back and write a short review. After all, you the readers are the best judges of restaurants in Lima, and feed-back that you provide, will help others choose where to the best places to dine when they travel to Lima.

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