Weather conditions and the time of the year will largely affect what clothes you will need to use. Whatever time of year you trek you will need to be prepared with wet weather clothing. Obviously there is much more chance of rain during the wet season (End November – Mid April) than during the dry season, but the weather on the Inca Trail can be unpredictable, and it is best to be prepared than wet.

Long light clothing will protect you against biting insects on the trail, but short clothing can be more comfortable. Should you choose short clothing make sure you apply plenty of insect repellent.

Always have a jumper or something warm with you. High passes can often be cold, and when you stop for a break or lunch you can find that you get cold quite quickly.

Night Time Clothing for the Inca Trail

After your hard day of trekking you will need to be prepared for night time on the Inca Trail. Once the sun sets on the Inca Trail the temperature drops quite dramatically, especially on the campsites at higher altitudes. Therefore, we recommend that you take gloves, scarf’s, thick jumpers and plenty of socks to keep you warm.