Nazca Peru is home to the monumental geoglyphs known as the Nazca Lines. These lines pre-date the Incas and their creation and purpose are still a matter of debate among the scientific community. Lots of visitors come to see the giant markings which extend over an area of approximately 170 square miles. The town was named after the great Nazca culture whose people inhabited the area between 100 BC and 800 AD.”


How to get to Nazca

Travelling to Nazca from Lima takes around 7 hours. On the journey to Nazca, you have the option of visiting various destinations to the south of Lima. Most people who decide to do the Nazca Lines Flight spend 1 night in Huacachina Oasis on their way to Nazca. Nazca is about a 2.5 hours bus ride away from the city of Ica.

For a bus from Lima to Nazca you have 2 main options:

1 – Hop on hop off bus (e.g. Peru Hop)
This style of travel is a favorite of many visitors to Peru. For one thing, it offers flexibility. Most bus companies take you from point A to point B and you only get to see things along the way from the window. A hop-on hop-off service, allows you to get off the bus (hop-off) to see and explore more of the places you like. Once you feel you have seen enough, you simply get back on another bus (hop-on) to continue your trip at no additional charge. Secondly, it offers a fun experience because the guides on-board give you a little cultural immersion by giving you countless facts and details as you go on your trip. Additionally, they get the friendly vibe going and encourage passengers interaction. In essence, you travel independently, but never alone.
On top of that, Peru Hop hop-on hop-off service offers free pick-ups and drop-offs at most destinations among many other benefits.

2 – Public Bus (e.g. Cruz del Sur, Oltursa)
Long distance Peruvian bus companies offer a wide range of options for every budget. From the luxurious to the very basic. Check out our Best Peruvian Bus Companies blog for more details.


Must do in Nazca

The Nazca Lines are a fascinating and mysterious sight to behold. They’ve also received international recognition; UNESCO designated the Nazca Lines a World Heritage site in 1994. The enormous size of each geoglyph means that they can only be truly appreciated from above. A viewing tower a few minutes away from Nazca town provides visitors the chance to observe a couple of lines for free. However, the most iconic lines such as the hummingbird, monkey, spider, etc. can only be seen from a plane. For this reason, daily flight tours are scheduled from Nazca’s Maria Reiche Neuman Airport.


Nazca Peru tips

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  • Beware of pickpockets at sketchy public bus stations and watch out for your belongings.
  • Avoid using ATM machines at night.
  • If staying overnight, check out our Where to Stay in Nazca section below.


Where to stay in Nazca

Description: Good value private rooms in Nazca. Friendly staff. Residential area just a short walk from main plaza.
Facilities: All rooms private bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, continental breakfast included.
Excellent for: All backpackers.
Note: Between Jun 1st and – Sep 30th, high season prices apply. Contact them directly for up-to-date prices during this time.
How to Book: Email

Description: Best hotel within the centre of Nazca. Private rooms oriented around a central pool and fruit garden.
Facilities: Swimming pool, all rooms ensuite, breakfast, Wi-Fi, restaurant.
Excellent for: Those looking for a great mid-range option.
How to Book: Email



aerial view of nazca lines on a desert hill in Nazca peru

nazca viewing tower aerial view

Spider geoglyph at Nazca Peru

Nazca is home to a long-lasting mystery that baffles the intellectual minds of our time. On top of that, they can be visited any time of the year. Lastly, we are confident that after reading our guide you will have all the information you need to add the Nazca lines to your travel bucket list during your time in Peru.