Nazca Lines flyover

A flight over the Nazca Lines is the only way to truly do justice to these incredible landmarks. Several companies offer flights over the Nazca Lines. Flight conditions are best during the morning when winds are favorable. The flight lasts for approximately 30 minutes and during that time you will get to see 12 lines including the whale, trapeze, astronaut, monkey, dog, condor, spider, hummingbird, Alcatraz, parrot, tree and hands.

Nazca Lines Flight Tour Information

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Summary of details:

Price: These tours cost $80 USD on average (plus S/.30 soles airport tax paid upon arrival)
Times: Every hour (From 08:00-14:00) Every 30 minutes (From 10:00 -12:00). The starting time of your flight can be arranged when you book the tour.
Duration: 30 minutes flight time.
Special deal: Tours booked via include extended flight time to get an aerial viewing of the Cantalloc Aqueduct Systems and date changes are allowed up until the evening before your tour begins at no extra cost.
Note: Passengers who exceed the weight limit of 95 kg will have to pay for an additional seat.

alien waving to planes on a Nazca Lines Tour

Did you know?

  • Earlier this year, a set of 50 new lines were discovered in the nearby region of Palpa. Researchers have found that these 50 lines are actually older than the iconic Nazca lines.
  • The Nazca lines have a wide range of intriguing forms which have survived for thousands of years due to the fact that there is very little rain and virtually no wind in the region.
  • The intricate patterns can only be really distinguished from above, yet they were made in a time where no airplanes, hot air balloons, or any other means of flying existed.
  • The most iconic figure is the hummingbird which is often featured on promotional videos and printed material distributed by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism.
  • Theories trying to explain the creation and purpose of the lines range from the mapping of an astrological calendar, to marking the path of underground desert aqueducts, all the way to some kind of alien creations. There is still no consensus on how or why the lines were made.


What to bring on a Nazca Lines Flight?

  • Camera
  • Original passport (cannot get on the plane without it)


Nazca Lines FAQs:

  • Is it recommended to do the Nazca Lines Flight?

Absolutely! Flying is the only way to appreciate the Nazca lines in all its glory. The site covers an area of about 170 square miles and the lines range from 165 feet to 1200 feet long. Additionally, as mentioned before, morning flights have the best wind conditions which means that your ride will be smooth allowing you to take lots of postcard-worthy pictures.

  • Is the flight safe?

Yes. Safety controls and inspections are in place to prevent any accidents which could not only affect the wellness of visitors, but also damage the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently, flight companies must follow strict guidelines and restrictions. For instance, no plane is allowed to take off if weather conditions are anything but optimal.

  • I suffer from motion sickness. Would you still recommend the flight?

No. It is not recommended for people suffering from motion sickness. In particular, planes encircle each line a couple of times to ensure that passengers sitting on both sides of the plane can see it.

  • What else is there to see in Nazca?

There are a couple of museums and a cemetery which contains well preserved mummies. But, other than that there are not many other tourist attractions in Nazca. You could certainly do some grocery shopping and eat at a local restaurant, though.

  • I want to see the Nazca Lines but do not want to pay for the flight. What can I do?

Unfortunately, Public buses do not stop at the Nazca Lines viewing tower. Nevertheless, Peru Hop buses make a stop here and let you climb to the top of the tower to see Nazca Lines for free. Moreover, the on-board guide will be more than happy to share additional information about the lines and answer any questions you might have.

Nazca Lines Viewing Tower

The viewing platform of the tower is at 43 feet off the ground. At this altitude, you will get a close view of these mysterious lines, all of which are more than 2,000 years old and have managed to blow away scientific minds since their rediscovery.

nazca viewing tower aerial view. Lines part of the Nazca Lines tour

As mentioned before, unfortunately, public buses do not stop at the viewing tower located a few miles outside of the town of Nazca. This means that you will have to arrange your own transportation to take you there and also pay the viewing tower entrance fee. However, a private bus service like the one offered by Peru Hop will stop at the viewing tower and let you see the lines for free.