Bistecca is a buffet style restaurant that offers a vast selection of local and international cuisine. Chefs cook your choice of food at individual counters located around the outside of the buffet area, including chinese foods, Italian pastas, mouthwatering steak from Argentina, traditional Peruvian foods like Lomo Saltado and much more.

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La Bistecca - Lima

Complementing the cooked food, the buffet area also includes three large salad bars that offer just about every type of salad and side dish you could possibly imagine. The set price also includes a selection of desserts

Bistecca is a large and modern restaurant suitable for couples and large groups. The cheek decor and contemporary furnishings are stylish and modern, and the large dinning area is suitable for couples and large groups.

Reservations: Advised but not required. Lunch times are busy.


Conquistadores 1048, San Isidro, Lima
Tel: (+51 1) 421-7555 / 421-1523


Take a taxi to the restaurant. 10 minutes from Parque Kennedy in Mirflores (6-7 Soles).

Price Range

$$$-$ Medium to Expensive

Our Verdict

Bistecca is a well priced restaurant oozing with every type of Peruvian and international cuisine available. If you are in Lima and looking to try a little of everything you like then Bistecca is the place to head. Great service, pleasant atmosphere and well cooked fresh food all at a reasonable price.