Located in the narrow cobbled streets near to the up-market Plaza Nazarenas, Restaurant Divina Comedia is one of Cusco’s hidden secrets. The menu which has been specially designed to include international cuisine with a twist of local flavours and ingredients is simple and to the point. There is something for everyone, including alpaca, steak, fish, duck, pastas and salads. The wine list includes wines from Peru, Argentina, Chile, and a selection of European bottles. Furthermore, the colonial building together with cleverly decorated restaurant has a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Through Thursdays to Saturday the restaurant takes on another interesting twist when the waiting staff sing opera, accompanied by piano. This restaurant is certainly unique for Cusco, and offers an evening of excellent entertainment and food at very reasonable prices.

Contact Information

Address: Pumacurco 406, Cusco
(84) 437 640
Reservations e-mail: info@restaurantcusco.com


Divina Comedia Restaurant is located close to Plaza Nazarenas on Calle Pumacurco, a 6-8 minute walk from Plaza de Armas. From the famous Monasterio Hotel you need to climb the gentle hill passing the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, along Calle Pumacurco. The restaurant is located 2 blocks up the hill in the right hand side.

Price Range

Entres: 10 – 30 Soles (US$3.50 – 11) per plate.
Main Plates: 30 – 50 Soles (US$11 – 17) per plate.
Wine: 50 upwards Soles (US$17) per bottle.


Our Verdict

The Divina Comedia is the perfect place for an evening of great food accompanied with light entertainment, quite like no other restaurant in Cusco. The restaurant has a superb atmosphere; food is well prepared, rich in taste and served in a timely manner. The opera singing waiters may seem a bit cheesy, but strangely it seems to work well and adds for a memorable evening. Our only gripe about Divina Comedia is the poor service. The waiting staff are generally not attentive enough, forget additional requests and unfortunately are not quite up to the standard of the rest of the restaurant.

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