Address: Calle Warancalqui 185, Cusco
Telephone: (++51) 221 762


The Frogs Bar is a little off the beaten track, but is not hard to find. You may want to take a cab, but Frogs Bar is within walking distance. From Plaza de Armas, walk up Triunfo (the street to the right of Cusco Cathedral) until you get to a junction, where you need to turn right and walk along Calle Herrajes. At the end of this short road, you will come to Ruinas, where you need to turn left. Follow the road to the end and The Frogs is in-front of you on the corner.

About The Bull Frogs

The Frogs Bar is a relatively new bar in Cusco, opening towards the end of 2010. Originally called Bull Frogs, this welcoming courtyard bar with eight distinctively decorated side rooms spread across two floors is a cool place to hang out. The bar regularly has live music nights, bar games, and drink offers.


Our Thoughts!

 This Peruvian owned bar has a nice vibe to it. Sofas, chairs and bean bags are spread throughout the bar, making it an easy place to chill with friends. The location of the bar may put some people off, as there are other bars closer to the main plaza, which don’t take too much effort to find. Friday and Saturday nights are probably the best time to go, but generally speaking The Frogs bar is rarely full.

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