Address: Portal de Panes 108, Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Telephone: (++51)
Webpage: not working


Mushrooms is located right on Cusco’s main square Plaza de Armas, on the corner of Plateros. Entrance is on the ground floor, but the bar is located on the second floor. Look out for their sign on the front of the building next to the sign for Mama Africa.

About Mushrooms

Mushrooms is a lively evening bar right in the heart of Cusco. Comfy chairs and tables surround a funky round bar area, plus they have a well maintained pool table towards the rear of the bar. The modern mix of pop and dance music is pumped out loud all night.



Our Thoughts!

Mushrooms is probably the most lively bar in Cusco, and you could probably say that it is close to being a club. The bar is funky and the music is pumping. If you are in the mood for a nightclub, then this bar is a great place to warm up. Great location too!

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