Address: Tecsecocha 436, Cusco
Telephone: (++51) 241 447
Webpage: facebook page


Los Perros is located just a few minutes from Plaza de Armas on a small back street called Tecsecocha. There are several ways to get there, but we recommend that you leave Plaza de Armas by Calle Plateros. Keep walking until you reach Calle Tigre (the first turning on your right). Turn right, walk along the short road and you will see Los Perros Bar facing you.

About Los Perros

Los Perros is a warm and comfortable lounge bar, sectioned into individual artistic rooms. This family friendly bar is a great place to savour superb home cook food, including crusty warm sandwiches, curries, and spicy wontons.



Our Thoughts!

We like Los Perros! The lounge style bar is a relaxing and comfortable place to pass several hours in Cusco. We particularly think that the food is very good here, and well-priced. This bar is suitable for all ages young and old, and families.

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