The Amazon Jungle a dense mainly impenetrable region of Peru covering some two-thirds of the country, and is considered to have the greatest bio-diversity on earth. Rafting Expeditions through the Amazing Tambopata Canyon in southern-Peru are a unique and incredible way to visit such a remote and beautiful area.

Professional adventure tours companies Eric Adventures, Amazonas Explorers and Apumayo offer regular Amazon Jungle trips, which typically start from Lake Titicaca travelling by land for several hours to the start of the river descent.

Rafting in Peru

Rafting in the Amazon Jungle

Starting in the highlands of the Andes, you will descent from 4500 masl, travelling through Elfin and Cloud forest before arriving into prime Amazon Jungle at 250 masl. En-route you will experience class III and IV rapids, along with calm stretches of slow winding floats. Most tours include 6 – 7 days of rafting, camping on the beaches of the river banks, and a visit to the Tambopata Research Centre. Often you will also stay a few nights in one of the many excellent Tambopata Jungle lodges, where you will be able to shower, sleep in a comfortable bed and drink a cold beer! You return to Puerto Maldonado by motorized boat where you will take a flight to either Cusco or Lima.

Talk with your tour agent to understand what exactly is included, how many days you will stay in jungle lodges and if your return flights are included.

Here at the Only Peru Guide we welcome input from our readers. If you have recently rafter the Tambopata Jungle, or would like to write a report about a tour company then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tambopata Jungle tours are suitable for people with little experience of rafting. Tour operators carry out training and safety exercises before you start the descent. We don’t recommend that this activity is suitable for children above 10 years old.

Prices for this tour range from $2,500 – $3,000 per person, depending on the size of your group. Remember you get what you pay for, and these type of rafting tours are not cheap.

Tour Operators

Eric Adventures
Urb. Santa María A1-6, San Sebastián, Cusco.
Telephone: ++ 51 (0) 84 272 862
Toll Free: USA/Canada 1 877 867 9682 – UK 0 800 098 8514

Amazonas Explorers
Avenida Collasuyo 910, Miravalle, Cusco
Telephone: ++ 51 (0) 84 252 846

Jr. Ricardo Palma Ñ-11 Urb. Santa Monica, Wanchaq, Cusco
Telephone: ++ 51 (0) 84 246 018