Peru guide books, which ones are the best?

November 28, 2010

Although we are supremely proud about our online Peru guide, we know that when you are actually travelling you will not always have access to the internet, and you might feel the need to purchase a guide book. So which Peru guide books are available, and which are the best? We have put together a short list of the most popular guide books available, and what we think of them!

Lonely Planet – Peru Country Guide

Guide to PeruPrice: US$ 23.99 (7th Edition)
ISBN: 9781741790146
Last edition: April 2010
Our Rating: 7 /10

Founded in 1972 the Lonely Planet is one of the best known travel associations, and is the world’s largest travel guide book publisher in the world. With over 500 titles in 8 languages they are considered the best authority on travel.

The 7th edition of their Peru guide was released in April 2010, and is a comprehensive guide covering all of Peru. The edition includes extended information on The Inca Trail, Outdoor activities and Lima’s world-renowned culinary scene.

Individual chapters can be purchased at $4.95 from their official website. Potentially aimed at low to medium budget travellers.

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Our Verdict: Simply one of the most informative travel guides to Peru available. The popularity of these guides speak for the quality of the content inside. Recent editions of this guide include more colour, however boring layouts and small text make it difficult to read. Potentially only aimed at backpacker or budget travellers.

Frommer’s – Peru Guide

Information about PeruPrice: US$ 21.99
Last edition: June 2010 (5th Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-470-60223-2
Our Rating: 8 /10

The first Frommer’s guide book was published in 1957, by Arthur Frommer its founder. Nowadays, there are 350 guide book publications, with over 3500 destinations covered on their award winning website.

The latest Peru guide has 480 pages of extensive information about all the important Peruvian departments, and tourist attractions. The well written and colorful pages add to the reading experience and interesting side articles are informative.

The guide also includes a “Best of” section featuring the most intriguing ruins, best museums, best nature experiences, small towns and villages, architecture, festivals and celebrations, local dining and more.

Our Verdict: We really like this guide. Well written content which is interesting and flowing, combined with nice colourful content, all laid out in a well presented and easy to view format.

Rough Guide to Peru

Rough Guide to PeruPrice: US$ 22.99
Last edition: July 2009 (7th Edition)
ISBN: 978-1848360532
Our Rating: 8 /10

The Rough Guides series began with the 1982 edition of “A Guide to Greece”, and has grown over the last 3 decades to include some 200 destinations. These guide books focus on medium to high budget travellers, including more information on up-market hotels and touring options.

The 658 page guide that includes 78 maps and features a 32 page full colour introduction, offers detailed information on all travel aspects of Peru.

Our Verdict: Another great guide full of useful and informative content. Authors are knowledgeable, and have compiled a comprehensive guide to everything you will need to know about planning a tour of Peru. This guide competes with the very best.

Eyewitness Travel Guides – Peru

Peru GuidePrice: US$ 25.00
Last edition: August 16th 2010 (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 978-0756661885
Our Rating: 6 /10

Dorling Kindersley Books of Great Britain, who are better known for their series of non fictional books about interesting topics, have now published a Guide to Peru.

The 352 page media rich Peru guide is conveniently split into easy read categories, including information on regions of Peru, tourist attractions, where to stay and dine.

Our verdict: Eyewitness Travel Guides are still in their infancy with regards to publishing comprehensive and informative travel guides. Although the Peru guide is full of attractive and colorful pages which are useful in the planning stage, there seems to be a lack of in-depth detail which many readers are looking for. The easy read layout of the book is a real plus, and future revisions will prove to be a real player.



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