1 Month in Peru

September 20, 2011
Sacsayhuaman - Cusco

Me at Sacsayhuaman

I visited Peru on the recommendation of a friend, I spent 3 days in Lima checking out the night life and also visiting a few museums. The museum of the people was pretty weird, it looked like a power station, the exhibits were not always in chronological order but they were interesting. The exhibit about the “Shining Path” was both fascinating and disturbing at the same time!

The museum of Gold was great, well worth a visit. From mummies to Tumi’s, from swords to machine guns! There is also a museum of weapons included in the ticket price and in the same building.

Cusco has to be seen to be believed, from approaching the city by plane, to leaving the plane the place takes your breath away! Be advised if possible take a few days acclimatizing before you book any tours.

Please visit Saqsaywaman it can be seen from pretty much all over Cusco at night, just head towards “Christo Blanco” (the white glowing statue!) The ruins there are probably more impressive than Machu Picchu purely because of the size of the stones involved.

ENTERTAINMENT TIP: If looking for fun at night, or to watch sports during the day, or even a taste of home, visit the Wild Rover Hostel Cusco for great food, sports and beer! Entrance to their bar is free even for non-guests

The many bars in Cusco are also worth checking out, Paddy’s provides great food, and a cool place to meet like-minded people. Norton’s is a great place to go play pool, and has an impressive collection of motorcycle memorabilia.

The main square of Cusco tends to have people trying to sell you everything from sun glasses to full body massages. The massage is well worth trying a full body massage for 20 soles is a great way to relax after a day or two of climbing mountains seeing the sights!

When you finally head off to visit Machu Picchu, remember to check out the door on your left before going through the main entrance, there is a room there where you can stamp your passport with a Machu Picchu stamp so that you have a permanent reminder of your visit to one of the most amazing places in the world. You may have seen photos and even TV programmes about this place but nothing prepares you for the mind blowing experience of walking round the corner and seeing the whole thing open up before you. Take a walk up to the Caretakers Hut (its where most of the famous pictures of Machu Picchu are taken) would advise staying in the town below MP and then having an entire day to walk round the ruins (yes it is that big!) Also the market is well worth walking round for those tourist style gifts. Another tip is to remember your insect repellent, Machu Picchu is riddled with sand flies and their bite is very itchy for at least a week, they make mosquitoes look tame.

The people of Peru were very friendly and welcoming. The sights have to be seen to be believed, and this country will always hold a very special place in my heart!

Written by: Richard Burns | Bristol – United Kingdon



Did you know - The Lima Walking Tour leaves from the Tourist Information Center at 799 Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores every day at 10:15 am. Visit our Blog for more information!

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