A Kick in the Chops Makes a Canadian Man Rich

April 25, 2014

Perhaps it’s to do with the lack of oxygen in the Andean air, but lately it seems that tourists in Peru are going a bit bonkers. Forget the recent spate of streakers at Machu Picchu who flashed their delicate parts for attention, the story of a Canadian man making thousands of Dollars from a media deal after getting kicked in the face by the boot of a worker on a passing Peru Rail train is beyond belief.

Jared Michael Frank, a 22-year old from Regina, Saskatchewan in Southern Canada was taking a quick selfie of himself when a Peru Rail train passed and the boot of an anonymous worker sat on the front of the train kicked him square in the side of his head. The steel toe-capped boot struck just below his left ear contorting Jared’s face like a boxer going down for 10 seconds.

The footage of the event went viral after he posted it on YouTube 10 days ago, already amassing more than 27 million hits. In the comments section of the post he states “I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a “safe” distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head.”

Incredibly he received offers from several media companies offering licencing deals for the video footage. And not so incredibly he accepted a generous offer from the California-based Jukin Media. It was reported that the deal should bring him between US$ 2 – 18 for every 1,000 hits on the video, of-which he would receive a 70% share. At the current standings that would mean he has already earned himself a whopping US$ 38,680 – US$ 348,129!

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So far there has been no word from the mysterious owner of the flying black boot, and Peru Rail have yet to comment. Perhaps Jared should buy him a Pisco Sour or two for helping to make him a very wealthy fool!

It must also be noted that Jared was not injured in the incident (only his pride).



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  1. I’m sure my father always told me never to play on the train tracks, and certainly not whilst wearing earphones! Look what happens!

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