Is Peru Hop Worth It?

January 22, 2018

worth it for the group
When travelling, I read everything online questioning is Peru Hop worth it. Some reviews claimed it was overpriced, others emphasised how the many advantages compensated for the price contrast by a long shot. So the real question: IS PERU HOP WORTH IT? Short answer: Yes! Peru Hop is definitely worth it! Of course there’s a lot to weigh up but here’s my top 5 reasons why I think Peru Hop is worth it.

1. The Guides and the AMAZING PEOPLE

worth it for the guides
I took Peru hop from Lima to Cusco to La Paz and although there were different guides for some parts of the journey, all of them really impressed me. They were organised and ready to help the whole time. They told us about each destination with such an enthralling devotion to their country. Nothing you could get from a book or reading online!
Then of course the fellow hopsters! Peru Hop really gives you the opportunity to get to know the people you’re on the bus with. From the meals together to staying in close by accommodations, I met so many amazing people!

2. It’s actually cheaper than other companies!

worth it for the price
I researched tour companies that cover as much of Peru as possible. South of Lima tours were a popular result however most companies had prices over $1000 or the high $8/900’s range.
You could probably figure out a cheaper way with haggling each journey and finding cheaper, less qualified bus services. However, I wanted to have everything booked and secure before I left, leaving nothing down to risk. Peru Hop let me do that and at a much cheaper price than the other companies I’d found!

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3. The True Cultural Experience

Picture collage of different Peru Hop destinations


I probably would never have even considered going to some of the places Peru Hop took us, but I’m so glad they did. The free detours we went to along the way such as the slave tunnels in Chincha or climbing the Nazca Lines viewing tower were fantastic experiences.
The places we stopped to eat and drink were so good as well. I loved these kind of stops because they really gave a sense of Peruvian culture instead of stopping in fast food places going from tourist hotspots to tourist traps!

4. They Pick You Up Straight from the Door!

worth it for the pick-ups and drop offs
Before, I hadn’t thought much about this one. However, since hitting the road and moving from destination to destination, I’ve met a lot of people along the way who’ve said they wish they’d taken Peru Hop simply for the pick ups and drop offs.
Of course I took this with a pinch of salt but when I asked them ‘why’, they told me all about the extremely early mornings and taxi’s fares that add up going to and from bus stations and I began to appreciate this feature a lot more!

5. The Comfort and Safety

worth it for the comfort and safety
This was a big concern of mine from the start. Paying a bit extra for safety is never a bad idea in my eyes (to an extent). I travelled some of North Peru with Cruz del Sur and although comfortable, I found myself quite cold on the night bus and the food that was served was below average at best.
When I took Peru Hop, they gave us actual duvets and we stopped in places for meals. I much preferred this. Even though we had to pay for our meals at the stops, I probably would have snatched at the chance to pay for a meal while on Cruz del Sur. Similarly it was great to sit back and watch a film in English instead of an English film dubbed in Spanish with Spanish subtitles! There was also a strong sense of security with being surrounded by familiar faces along the trip which really helped me relax and enjoy the experience! If you don’t believe me then you can always check out some reviews of the service.

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