Drug trafficking in South America, British Embassy Launches a New Campaign

November 25, 2010

The video campaign “Drug Trafficking i

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British national warning against drug trafficking, taken from inside a Peruvian Jail in Callao, Lima. (Photo taken from video footage.

n South America: Easy Cash? Easily Caught!” was launched by the British Embassy in Lima.

The campaign aims at making those tempted to get involved in drug trafficking aware of the high possibilities of being arrested and the consequences that this crime entails.

Three prisoners’ personal testimonies are included in the video, where they describe their regrets at having gone for apparently easy cash.

There are more than 100 British nationals detained in South America for drug smuggling, and 41 of them are in Peru.

The testimonies were all filmed at the Sarita Colonia prison of Callao, Peru’s principal port, seven kilometers away from Lima, where over 600 foreign nationals are held for drug trafficking.

Official statement from the British Embassy website in Lima:  “We give priority to supporting Peru’s fight against drug trafficking, organised crime and corruption. We work closely with Peruvian authorities and international organisations to reduce the harm this activity does to both countries.”



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