Cuse Smokehouse, Cusco

April 22, 2015

Truthfully, Cuse Smokehouse in San Blas offers some of the best food and table service in Cusco! This little gem recently opened its doors to the public only one month ago. And I have no doubt in saying it is here to stay.  This family run business has a seriously mouthwatering menu and a great welcoming atmosphere to boot.  American/Peruvian couple, Cody and Carla Fisher run this joint and it’s obvious they are taking great pride in their work.

From the moment you walk in the door, you feel comfortable and at ease. The smell of smoking meats will invade your nostrils and immediately your mouth with start to water. Cuse only uses Carob Tree wood to smoke its ingredients. It’s a local tree, that grows in the Sacred Valley close to Cusco, and helps tie American and Peruvian cuisines together nicely.  Cody works his butt off at the grill, preparing customers’ meals, but it’s important to remember all the work that goes in before you even sit down and order. Meats and other foods are smoked at a low heat for hours before they even land on your plate. So savor these unique and distinct flavours.  Carla, a Cusco native, takes care of front of house. Nothing slips by her. She does her utmost to please every single body that passes the threshold. And makes it her business to chat to every table of guests.

Cuse Smokehouse

Cuse Smokehouse, San Blas

American Smokehouse Comes to Cusco

Cuse’s menu is mouthwatering, delicious, lip smacking, tasty, appealing, fresh……shall I go on!? You will want to taste everything on the menu.  While you’re waiting for your food to come you will stare at every other plate going by and think “aw I should have ordered that”.  However, don’t worry one bit! When your plate arrives you will be delighted with your choice, no matter what you’ve chosen.  Portions are just the right size too. I was so nicely full after my meal I felt like I could have another beer.  Cuse has a cool drinks menu, with a selection of craft beers from the Cusco region, yummy cocktails and juices to choose from. The choices of ales compliment the woody flavours really well.

Cuse Smokehose Ribs

Juicy ribs ready to be plated up!

ENTERTAINMENT TIP: If looking for fun at night, or to watch sports during the day, or even a taste of home, visit the Wild Rover Hostel Cusco for great food, sports and beer! Entrance to their bar is free even for non-guests

The menu comprises the usual BBQ favourites; burgers, chicken wings, ribs.  But everything has a new fresh twist to it. Even the French fries are wonderful, dusted in BBQ seasoning.  It will take you ages to finally pick the the dish you want because everything on the menu screams “eat me now!”  You´ll just have to climb those steps to San Blas and go back again, it’s the only solution. You’ll be drooling like Homer Simpson when a plate of juicy ribs lands in front of you! With burgers there is the choice of meat; ground beef or chicken.   The tex-mex section offers great options; ground beef, smoked chicken, smoked pork or vegetarian. You also have a choice of sauce too; mild, hot or signature smoked rocoto. There’s a great variety of sandwiches that are described so beautifully on the menu they’ll make you smile. It’s true!!

Black and Blue burger

Cuse’s delicious Black and Blue burger


Cuse’s prices are spot on! Meals range from S9 to S19 ($3-$6).  Sides are great value too with apple coleslaw for just S/2.50 or BBQ baked beans for S/3.50 And a juice is only S/2. You can’t go wrong. The food feels great in your belly and easy on your pocket!

Passionfruit juice

Some of the tasty juices at Cuse

The Verdict!

Go! Let you taste buds have a party. Then go back again! If you’re like me you´ll want to eat and try everything that’s cooking. I’m already planning my week around my visit to Cusco’s new smokehouse. The prices are great! The atmosphere is friendly! The food is delish! What more do you want? Get your coat on……

Opening Times

Tues-Sat 5pm to 11pm

Contact Information

Address: Carmen Alto, 120, San Blas, Cusco




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