Adventure Travel in Peru – What ASTA the Travel Association have to Say

March 15, 2012
White Water Rafting on the Urubamba Valley, in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru

Rafting in Peru

Whether your clients prefer their adrenalin kick on water, mountains or sand, Peru offers plenty of opportunities for travelers wanting adventure.

One of the most challenging activities is hiking the legendary Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu, part of a vast network of trails built by the Incas. There are various options, with different starting points, but most popular is the four-day trek to the Inca city of around, with three nights camping. Though it’s hard work, the beautiful scenery — cloud forests, open meadows and snow-capped mountains — spurs hikers onward, while Inca ruins along the way whet the appetite.

At 3,400 meters, Colca Canyon is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, so anyone who chooses to descend its depths is in for a real adventure. Once you make it to the bottom, after a four- or five-hour trek, there’s a choice of accommodation. An early wake-up call the following morning ensures trekkers reach the top of the canyon for sunrise and glorious views of the surrounding Andes.

Sand Buggy - Huacachina near Ica, Peru

Sand Buggy – Huacachina

Huacachina, a short distance from the town of Ica, is geared up for activities in the desert. Locals take groups out on sand buggies into the giant dunes for an exhilarating ride before supplying sand boards to plummet down its vertical drops.

Whitewater rafting is also popular in Peru, with the Tambopata and Apurimac Rivers among the best spots for riding the rapids. Near Cusco, whitewater rafting in the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley is certain to provide thrills.

Excerpt from ASTA Network Magazine 2009.



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