The 10 Best Hostels In Cusco – 2018 Update

May 7, 2018

The 10 best hostels in Cusco – 2018 UPDATE: Tourism is the biggest industry in the city by far, thus Cusco features accommodation options to serve a wide range of travelers with various tastes and budgets. In this 10 best hostels in Cusco list, we provide you with a fine selection of hostels along with a description of their individual characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your persona and preferences.

Whether you are looking to stay and enjoy a good party, looking for an affordable place to stay with the family or get plenty of rest to continue your journey, etc., these 10 best hostels in Cusco have something for you!

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Location: Calle Cuesta Santa Ana 782, Cusco

Wild Rover’s strategic location offers the best views of the city. It is one of the biggest hostels in South America and the staff know how to put on a party in their lively soundproof bar. The super friendly staff and good vibe at the common areas are a great combination that will make your stay enjoyable as well as allow you to mingle and form new friendships. Instead of serving plain free breakfasts as in other hostels, Wild Rover’s restaurant offers an extensive menu with the best of Peruvian and Irish cuisines. This hostel certainly offers a good value for your money and it is the best choice for those looking to have a hassle-free and fun stay in Cusco.

Facilities: Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM ✓

Meal served at a Wild Rover balcony overlooking the city - best hostels cusco


Location: Cuesta Santa Ana 515, Cusco

It is a good place for travelers who wish to rest and recharge. It does not have much partying, but its restored colonial mansion features a laid-back communal courtyard. The rooms get a bit chilly at night, but the comfortable beds, warm blankets and hot showers help to cope with it. They frequently put on bonfires at their fire pit inside for people to gather to chat and socialize.

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Facilities: Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service X ATM X


Location: Santa Teresa 375, Cusco

This hostel has spacious rooms which have private lockers. Some rooms include cable TV and a private bathroom. The friendly and social atmosphere inside the common areas in its colonial style house is good for hanging out and meeting other travelers and for making new friends. It is also a good option for retreating after a busy day exploring the city. Additionally, as its name suggests, the hostel promotes sustainability and ecofriendly practices.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service X ATM ✓


Location: Jiron Pumacahua 160, Tahuantinsuyo, Cusco

This is a charming and small family friendly hostel located a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas. The quiet and relaxing atmosphere allows travelers to get plenty of rest after a long day exploring the city or nearby attractions. It features clean facilities which include indoor and outdoor seating areas where you can hang out and socialize with other travelers.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar X Restaurant X Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM X

Recoleta street in Cusco - best hostels cusco


Location: Av. Mesón de la Estrella 136, Cusco

Its Cusco location is much bigger than its Lima one. It offers free cups of coffee and tea throughout the day. Friendly atmosphere with activities planned for every night of the week. The guests’ kitchen can get busy at peak seasons; however, its restaurant menu features many traditional Peruvian dishes. It is popular among party people and interestingly enough the free breakfast lasts until 12pm.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM ✓


Location: Calle San Andres 260, Cusco

It offers a nice balance between partying and a peaceful atmosphere. It covers all necessary amenities except for a kitchen. It projects a hipster vibe with its funky artwork and vintage furniture. Additionally, this hostel sometimes features live music performances inside the patio which enhances the artsy atmosphere and is another good reason to get together and meet fellow backpackers. Some rooms can get chilly at night, but they provide heaters for rent at a small price.

Facilities: Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM X

Kokopelli cartoon - best hostels Cusco


Location: Calle Ceniza 364, San Pedro, Cusco

This cozy and hipster hostel is a good option for those looking for a relaxing place without a bar or partying. Common areas with board games and a book exchange with many more books than you will find at other hostels are great for playing, picking up a good reading or socializing with other guests and maybe even find a travel buddy. Free breakfast and coca leaf tea are served in their laid-back cafeteria.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar X Restaurant X Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM X


Location: Calle Siete Cuartones 245, Cusco, Peru

It is popular among solo travelers. The rooms are better insulated than in other hostels and the whole place is not too loud and crowded. Free continental breakfast and affordable lunch & dinner options such as sandwiches, burgers, paninis, etc. are offered daily. Also, unlimited supply of coca leaf tea is available for all guests. It is a little more expensive than other nearby hostels, but it is quite close to the main square.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk  Laundry Service ✓ ATM X


Location: Cuychipunco 258, Cusco, Peru

Its name means travelers’ house in Quechua and although it is relatively small, it provides a nice balance between leisure and good vibe. Colorful hammocks, bean bag chairs, clean facilities, metal lockers and free Netflix are some of the things available for guests looking for a cozy place where to avoid the loud party scene.

Facilities: Kitchen ✓ Bar ✓ Restaurant X Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service ✓ ATM X


Location: Cuesta de Sta. Ana 601, Cusco

This branch of chain of hostels has a party hostel reputation. The party noise can disturb the light sleepers but rooms away from the bar tend to be quieter. Beds are comfortable and some have personal outlets for phone charging. They compensate for the lack of kitchen by offering daily meals of good value and drinks specials.

Facilities: Kitchen X Bar ✓ Restaurant ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ In-house Tour/Travel Desk ✓ Laundry Service X ATM ✓

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