Capital: Tumbes
Population: 191,713
Tourist Attractions: Beeches, Deep Sea Fishing,  Surfing
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

The tiny region of Tumbes is located in the northern-most coastal part of Peru, and has 3 provinces and 12 districts. Bordering Ecuador and close to the equator, Tumbes receives a tropical climate throughout the year, and is the only region of Peru to have tropical forests on the coastline. Petroleum, Tabaco, bananas and fishing are the main sources of income for the region. Tourism has not really developed in Tumbes, but the many white sandy beaches and ideal surfing conditions draw hundreds of locals and international tourist every year. The National Mangroves Sanctuary may be of interest to some eco-tourists, but the 18 bus ride (1 ½ hours by plane) makes the region less appealing.

Tumbes Region – Photos


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