Capital: Moyobamba
Population: 779,000
Tourist Attractions: Rio Abiseo National Park, Gran Pajáten, Petroglyphs of Polish, Jungle Lodges, Jungle Tours
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low (Potentially very high!)

Located in northern Peru next to Loreto, San Martin is a region of ravines, canyons, Andean plateaus and thick Amazon jungle. The capital of San Martin is the city of Moyobamba, but the city of Taropoto located in valleys of the Cumbaza and Shilcayo rivers is the largest city of the region. San Martin is not known as a principle tourist destination, but the region holds a great secret which could soon see it in the limelight.  Discovered in 1965, and hidden in the depths of the San Martin Jungle is the amazing archaeological site of Gran Pajáten. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, this ancient wonder is largely unknown to the rest of the world, and due to its remote location and historical importance a government permit is required to enter the area. Thought to be from the Chachapoyas culture, the citadel consists of 26 circular stone structures decorated in slate and mosaics, depicting humans, birds and geometric motifs. Also, close to Tarapoto (1 hour by plane from Lima) there are several jungle lodges catering for tourists and offering set tours, hiking and bird watching expeditions.

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