Capital: Piura
Population: 1,631,000
Tourist Attractions: Surfing, Beaches, Kurt Beer Ecological Park
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

The region of Piura is located on the northern coastline of Peru, and is a semi-tropical region of mainly flat arid desert with miles of sandy beaches. Receiving a mixture of the cold Humboldt current and the warn El Niño current, Piura has a unique climate perfect for growing coconut, lime-lemons and mango. The capital city – Piura was founded in 1532 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, and is considered to be the first Spanish settlement in South America. The Sechura desert, located in the south of the region is the largest desert in Peru, and covers 72,870 sq mi (188,735 sq km). In comparison to other regions of Peru, Piura has little importance for tourism, but the coastline has become famous for some of the finest surfing in the world. The beaches of La Esmeralda, Cabo Blanco and Punta Sal are the most popular, and surfers can also enjoy some of the best seafood and ceviche in Peru.

Piura Region – Photos

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