Capital: Cerro de Pasco
Population: 278,000
Tourist Attractions: Hiking, Pozuzo, Museum Schafferer, Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

The region of Pasco is located in the central highlands of Peru, and has 3 provinces and 28 districts. The region which covers 9,775 sq mi (25,219 sq km) has a mixed terrain of rugged mountains to the west and high jungle on the eastern slopes of the Andes. The strangely named province of Daniel Alcides Carrión is named after a Peruvian scientist that gave his life in the name of medicine, by fatally injecting himself with a deadly virus he was trying to cure. Although the Pasco region is not high on the agenda for most tourists, the small jungle town of Pozuzo may hold an interest for some. In 1857, in an agreement of the Peruvian government, a group German-Austrian settlers came to Pasco in search of a new life, and created a beautiful Alpine town, in-keeping with their European traditions. Located 12 hours by car from Lima, each year hundreds of tourists venture to Pozuzo to see the continuing traditions and festivals. The Schafferer Musuem, plus hiking opportunities in Pozuzo and Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park are also popular attractions.

Pasco Region – Photos

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