Capital: Moquegua
Tourist Attractions:
Plaza de Armas, Contisuyo Museum, Ubinas Volcano , Hiking
Peru Guide – Importance Rating
: Low

The small southern region of Moquegua bordering Tacna, Puno and Arequipa is a volcanic region with rich fertile lands. Known as the avocado reion of Peru, this area produces many different fruits, grapes used in Pisco production and the pea plant alfalfa. Moquegua is also the home of the Ubinas Volcano; Peru’s most active volcano. Tourism in Moquegua is limited, and in comparison to neighbouring regions there are only few attractions of interest. The main square – Plaza de Armas features a fountain built in France by Gustave Eiffel, whilst the Contisuyo Museum and the Ubinas Volcano are other important points of interest.

Moquegua Region – Photos

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