Capital: Puerto Maldonado
Population: 92,000
Tourist Attractions: Manú National Reserve, Tambopata National Park, Bird Watching, Jungle Tours, Hiking
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: High

The Madre de Dios Region of Peru is located in the south-east of the country, and is covered by dense Amazon Jungle. Although Madre de Dios is one of the largest regions in Peru, it is also one of the least populated. The main population live in the capital –Puerto Maldonado, whilst just a few indigenous communities live independently in the jungle. Cotton, coffee, Brazil nuts, and palm oils are the main source of income, with many people also making a living sifting gold from the mineral rich rivers. The climate in Madre de Dios (Mother of God) is humid throughout the year, and during the months of December – March the region experiences higher precipitation, making it often difficult to travel in the area. Manú National Reserve & Tambopata National Park attract many eco-tourists every year, and daily flights from Lima and Cusco make the area particularly accessible.  The region offers many excellent Jungle Lodges, and is particularly good for bird watching enthusiasts.

Madre de Dios Region – Photos

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