Capital: Chiclayo
Population: 1,100,000
Tourist Attractions: Lambayeque Culture, Moche Culture, Lord of Sipán, Royal Tombs Museum
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The name of the region comes from the ancient pre-Columbian civilization of the Lambayeque, who lived in the region between 800 – 1300 A.D. Nowadays, the fertile plains and valleys are of great farming importance to the country, and are responsible for producing half of the sugar cane crop in Peru, and much of the rice consumed by Peruvians. The Lambayeque region has become more prominent on the tourist circuit over the last 10 years, with the incredible discovery of The Lord of Sipán in 1987. In the town of Sipán 20 miles east of Chiclayo, a group of Peruvian archaeologists lead by Walter Alva discovered the important tomb from the Moche Culture (1 – 700 A.D.) intact and untouched by thieves. Tourists to the region can now visit the Royal Tombs Museum in Lambayeque where a replica of the tomb and original contents are on display.

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