Capital: Trujillo
Population: 1,540,000
Tourist Attractions: Chan Chan, Chimú Culture,  Moche Culture
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: medium-high

The northern-costal region of La Libertad is an important and densely populated region of Peru. Geographically it is also the only area of Peru that covers all three distinct topographical regions: coastal, mountain and rainforest. Historically the northern coastline and what is now known as La Libertad region was home to the several pre-Columbian cultures, namely the Chimú and Moche Cultures. Just 4 miles (6 km’s) from the capital Trujillo is the ancient city of Chan Chan. This complex and large arqueological site, built entirely from adobe (mud brick) was home to around 60,000 inhabitants of the Chimú Culture. Each year the city of Chan Chan and the nearby Lord of Sípan attract many international visitors. Popularity is growing for tourism in Northern Peru, and many tourist class hotels are now operating in Trujillo.

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