Capital: Ayacucho
Population: 620,000
Tourist Attractions: 33 Churches of Huamanga, Wari Citadel (Capital of Wari Culture)
Peru Guide – Importance Rating: Low

The Ayacucho Region is located in the south-central Andes, and is well known amongst Peruvians as the area that was hardest hit during the 1980’s – 1990’s, when the Shining Path Terrorist Group fought a bitter civil war across Peru. The capital city ‘Ayacucho’ (altitude 9,009 feet / 2,746m) was founded in 1539, by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizzaro, and is famous for having 33 churches lining the streets of the Huamanga Province; the 33 churches are said to represent each year of the life of Jesus. Tourism is not largely developed in the Ayacucho region, but a 400 hectare Wari Citadel attracts a small amount of visitors each year.

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