Learning Spanish in Cusco

Spanish School – Projecto Peru

Over the last few years Peru has become a prominent destination for visitors to learn Spanish. Lima, Cusco and Arequipa offer a wide selection of Spanish schools to suit every ones taste and level. Cusco is noted as being one of the few destinations in South America that is considered to have the most clearly spoken Spanish with little accent, and therefore some of the best schools are located in Cusco. Learning Spanish in Peru is for all types of people, and is a great way to learn about the culture and the country, whilst making new friends.

Spanish Schools Cusco

Proyecto Peru

Website: www.proyectoperucentre.org
Address: Calle Siete Cuartones 290, Cusco
Telephone: +51 84 984 68 30 16 / 984 954 184 (Cell Phone)
Skype: perucentre

South American Spanish School

Website: www.sasschool.org
Address: Carmen Alto Street No 112 San Blas, Cusco
Telephone: +51 84 223 012

Amauta Spanish School

Website: www.amautaspanish.com
Address: Suecia 480, Cusco
Telephone: +51 84 262 345

Cusco Spanish School

Website: www.cuscospanishschool.com
Address: Calle Garcilazo 265, Cusco
Telephone: +51 84 226 928

Wiracocha Spanish School

Website: www.wiracochaschool.org
Address: Cuesta San Blas 561, Cusco
Telephone: +51 84 242 562

Spanish Schools Lima

Hispana Escuela de Español

Website: www.hispanaidiomas.com
Address: Calle San Martin 377, Miraflores, Lima
Telephone: +51 1 466 3045

Home Stays

Learning Spanish in Peru can also be combined with home stays. For those looking to immerse themselves in Peruvian culture, or have the opportunity to be part of a Spanish speaking household then home stays may be a popular option. Typically home stay accommodations are arranged through you Spanish school and should include accommodation, breakfast and one main meal.

Be sure to find out the location of your home stay as often accommodations can be a long way from your Spanish school, and you may spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to classes.

Remember that home stays do not suit everyone, and unless the Spanish schools vet home stays properly, they often do not live up to expectations. Equally, you may find that traditional Peruvian food ate day in day out in the home does not always satisfy your needs, as Peruvian meals regularly consist of rice, beans and cereals!

Volunteering in Cusco

Cusco After School Project


In addition to teaching Spanish, many schools also offer opportunities for students to work in the local communities as a volunteer. There are many projects available that include working with the elderly, after school projects for children, working with the disabled or perhaps teaching English to local policemen.



Should you be planning on spending an extended amount of time learning Spanish in Peru, you should consider finding more cost-effective accommodations. Talk with your Spanish school about any accommodations they may be able to offer, or agreements they may have with local hostels or residents. A shared house or apartment may only cost you 300 soles per month (US$100), whist a private furnished apartment just for you may cost around 750 Soles per month (US$250). For accommodations in Lima, you may need to add 50% to the prices shown.

Beware however that not all volunteer work is well organized and even some of the better schools don’t control projects very well. Often volunteers can find themselves neck deep in difficult local social situations, with little help or support. Choose your volunteer work carefully, and remember that your level of Spanish should suit the type of work that you are considering.

Volunteering in Peru
If you are considering volunteering in Peru, take some time to talk with your school about the project. Often Spanish schools don’t put much emphasis on projects, and are often not well organized. Many students that we have talked to have been disillusioned by their projects, and often cut them short or request to change. If you are serious about working in the local community, you are probably best contacting a local charity, and discussing what opportunities they may have. (Don’t be surprised if you need to pay, to volunteer).

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