waterfall feeding a small river next to Salkantay trail

There are 177 authorized companies that offer treks, and they are published in a list on the INC website (you need to enter their intranet as a guest). Inclusion on this list does not in any way guarantee that the company will provide a quality service, and many of the companies listed we have never heard of.

It should be noted that operating licenses are only issued to Peruvian trekking companies that meet minimum requirements. Licenses are not issued to overseas tour operators. This means that if you book your trek with a company outside of Peru then one of the companies included on the list will operate your tour.

Being listed in one or several guide books is probably the best indication that previous travellers have been satisfied with the services provided, although recently established companies providing a good service may take a while to develop a reputation. A great looking website does not always equate to a great tour.

Where to Find the Best Tour Operators?

In the past, we have included some of the most popular Inca Trail tour operators. For this 2018 update, we have tried booking via FindLocalTrips, a search and comparison website for tours and activities across South America, and we have been more than pleased with the service provided. As we have experienced first hand, the companies listed on their platform have been diligently evaluated and selected .