The Sacred Valley is a large area that is over 100 Kms (62 miles) in length and runs east to west north from Cusco. There are two direct roads which link Cusco to the Sacred Valley, connecting the towns of Pisac and Urubamba.

Cusco is the closest airport, and all visitors wishing to travel to The Sacred Valley must first arrive into Cusco before travelling to the valley.

Typically most visitors will start by visiting Pisac, before travelling further down the valley though the town of Urubamba before visiting Ollantaytambo in the far west. From Ollantaytambo it is possible to take the train to Machu Picchu.


Busses depart daily from Cusco for both Pisac and Urubamba. In Urubamba busses depart every hour for Ollantaytambo. Bus tickets cost 3 – 4 Soles.


Colectivos are also a popular and cost effective mode of transport. Taxis or small mini busses depart Cusco once full, and can cost as little as 5 – 6 Soles per person. Colletivos can be found in various location throughout Cusco, and in the main plaza in Ollantaytambo, and on the road to Cusco in Pisac.


Taxis are the most convent way to travel to The Sacred Valley, and cost 40 – 60 Soles each way depending on where you want to go. Be warned that taxis do speed along the mountain roads, and often take un-necessary risks, don’t be afraid to tell the taxi driver to slow down.

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