San Blas Spanish School has been opened since 2003 and is run by a Dutch director. It is located just a two minute walk from Plaza San Blas on Carmen Bajo, 224. The school offers group, individual and couple Spanish classes. There is no enrolment fee involved and it offers some of the lowest prices in Peru. Lessons start from Mondays but there is flexibility with lessons. Courses all available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All students receive a certificate on completion of their chosen course. San Blas Spanish School has an established, young and enthusiastic team of Peruvian teachers. Teachers can speak a number of other languages, including French and German, which helps with translations and smooth classes. Teachers are friendly and there is a strong social atmosphere in the school between staff and students. The rooms in the school are bright and spacious. When weather permits classes can be run outside in the sunny patio area.

The school runs free activities for its students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Activities include Salsa lessons, pan flute lessons, quiz and board game nights, Spanish movie nights and cocktail lessons. There are also some paid weekend activities that students can avail of; guided city tours, quad biking, horse riding and occasionally organized trips to Machu Picchu.

Students can opt into volunteer programs additionally. Projects can differ from animal rescue work (Pisac), children´s projects, hospital projects for med students and a more rural teaching project in a place called Cai Cay. There are homestays available for students, at most located a half hour walk from the school. Shared student apartments are offered to students and are located in the San Blas area.

San Blas Spanish School

San Blas Spanish School, Cusco


Carmen Bajo 224, Cusco.

Opening Times

Classes can be scheduled Mon-Sat between 8.30am to 6.20pm

Costs (2015 rates)

Group (max 5)
4hrs per day (20hrs/wk) S290 ($94)

4hrs per day (20hrs/wk) S580 ($187)

Twin/Couple Classes
Similar in price but need to enquire


Telephone: +51 (0)24 7898 or +51 984 667511