Amigos Spanish School was set up by Jesús Napancca, a young man teaching Spanish in Cusco. Amigos is unlike other Spanish schools in Cusco. It is nonprofit school that offers help and opportunities to disadvantaged children and young people in Cusco, through a youth program. All money taken in from Spanish classes go into the youth program. By opting to learn Spanish at Amigos you are contributing to future projects for local communities in Cusco.

The school offers groups classes tailored to the student´s needs and specific medical Spanish classes for internship/medical students in Cusco. There is an enrollment fee of 110 soles. It also offers Quechua classes to any interested or curious learners. Hours of classes are flexible with different starting times throughout the day.  Amigos carefully selects local families for homestays. These families are all chosen based on past student reviews and recommendations. All homestays in include private rooms and two meals a day and cost $160 for seven nights. Amigos also helps their students with finding their on accommodation while taking classes in Cusco. As with most language schools there are weekly activities for students; cooking lessons, walking tours, dance lessons. These activities require a small fee but are well worth it for an evening well spent. Additional activities such as weaving lessons and Quechua lessons can be arranged on demand. Volunteer projects are also available through the school. If you arriving to Cusco by plane the school will organize a pick up from the airport for you and if you need to spend an overnight in Lima before arriving let them know as they can arrange pick up and accommodation in Lima for you. Prices for this are on their website.

Amigos Spanish School

Amigos Spanish School, Cusco


Zaguan del Cielo B-23, Cusco. Just off Calle Recoleta.

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

Costs (2015 rates)

Enrollment fee S/110

4hrs per day (20hrs/wk) $150
Prices can be discounted depending on the no. of weeks you sign up for
Additional individual lesson cost $15/hr

Medical Spanish
1 hour lesson $20
Prices negotiable then me than one student


Telephone: (+51) 84 24 22 92