Cusco is a city full of varied restaurants that offer both traditional Peruvian dishes and international cuisine.  Cusco has something to offer all tastes and palates. As Cusco has become more tourist based more and more restaurants, cafés and eateries have popped up. You will find something here to tickle any taste buds. Lots of expats have settled here and influenced foods and flavours of the restaurants in Cusco. There are the typical Peruvian eateries that offer the traditional wares. Over the last few years Cusco has also become famous for its fusion cooking, incorporating traditional foods such as quinoa, maize and cuy with more westernized ingredients. There are restaurants to suit all pockets. There are lots of budget places that will fill your belly for less than $3. Many restaurants are located on or close to the main plaza, but many of the best restaurants are just a few streets away hidden amongst the cobbled streets of the Cusco.

We have purposely not included every restaurant in Cusco, but simply the best across the price range. We consider the best restaurants in Cusco to offer good value for money, offer great service and more importantly be clean and safe for you to eat in. Click the links to see our reviews of each restaurant.