Address: Portal de Carnes 298 (Second Floor), Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Telephone: (++51) 084 255-770


Mythology is located on Cusco’s main square – Plaza de Armas, next to the arches leading to Calle Suecia, next door to McDonalds.

About Mythology

Mythology is one of Cusco’s premier nightclubs, and is the place to head for all night dancing. Heeating up after 11pm, Mythology is spread out over several rooms, with one area specifically for dancing, and other areas more relaxed for drinking and socializing. This club attracts both locals and foreigners, looking to party the night away to a mix of Latin and western music.


Our Thoughts!

If you are looking to party, then Mythology is where you need to head. The $25,000 impressive sound system will keep you dancing until the early hours.

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