Using Taxis in Cusco

Within Cusco

A taxi is probably the easiest and most direct way of getting around Cusco. Taxis that operate in Cusco must have a license issued by the local district, which must be displayed in the front window (a sticker). There are many illegal taxis that operate without a license and are best avoided. Registered taxis must also display the vehicle registration number on the rear doors of the taxi (both outside and inside). When travelling late at night always use an approved taxi. It is only legal to get in or out of a taxi by the door next to the kerb.

Short journeys within the centre of Cusco cost 3 or 4 Soles in daytime hours, rising to 4 or 5 Soles after 9pm. Always confirm the price with the taxi driver before you get in, and remember that there are many more taxis available if you do not like the look of the taxi, or the price is too high. We recommend for safety that you use modern larger taxis.

Be warned the quality of driving is poor. If you are easily frightened you might want to avoid taxis! Taxis are only required to have the basic government insurance called SOAT. This entitles passengers that are involved in an accident to receive free medical treatment at the national eSalud hospital. Taxis are often not up-to-date on their SOAT and eSalud is basic.

Taxis to the Sacred Valley

If you want to hire a taxi to take you to the Sacred Valley we recommend that you or your hotel phone an official taxi company rather than taking a taxi in the street. Make sure that you agree the price of the journey before you travel. Be warned taxi drivers are well-known for speeding and dangerously overtaking on the open roads leading to the Sacred Valley. Don’t hesitate to tell the taxi driver to slow down if you think his driving is dangerous.

Journey Times & Approximate Prices 2014/15 (Cusco to Sacred Valley)

Cusco to Pisac: 50 – 60 minutes, 40 – 50 Soles (US$ 14 – 18) each way.
Cusco to Urubamba: 1 h – 1 ¼ h, 50 – 60 Soles (US$ 18 – 21) each way.
Cusco to Moray: 1 ¼ h – 1 ½ h, 50 – 60 Soles (US$ 18 – 21) each way.
Cusco to Chinchero: 30 minutes, 35 – 45 Soles (US$ 12 – 16) each way.
Cusco to Ollantaytambo: 1h45 – 2h, 90 – 110 Soles (US$ 31 – 38) each way.

Taxi’s Companies in Cusco

Llama Taxis
Address: Av De la Cultura, 210
Telephone: 084 222 000 (land line) / 984 557 280 (cell phone).

Aló Cusco
Telephone: 084 222 222 (land line) / 984 622 222 (cell phone).

O’Qarina Taxi Express
Address: Av De la Raza, 1065, Cercado
Telephone: 084 255 000 (land line) / 984 637 722 (cell phone).

Taxi Turismo
Telephone: 084 245 000 (land line)

Using Colectivos (Cusco to Sacred Valley)

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Getting Around by Local Bus

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