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Loki Hostel (Backpackers)

Loki Cusco is in a restored 450 year old Andean Casona. They have made Loki a comfortable and safe place where you can meet other travelers with good quality services that are sometimes hard to find in South America. They welcome
Cusco Club - Mama africa

Mama Africa Cusco

Address Address: Portal de Panes 109, Plaza de Armas, Cusco Telephone: (++51) email: info@mamaafricaclub.com Webpage: www.mamaafricaclub.com Location Mama Africa Cusco is located right on Cusco’s main square Plaza de Armas, on the corner of Plateros. Entrance is on the ground floor,
Malekon of miraflores in lima peru

Discover The Many Things To Do In Lima, Peru

As the capital as well as being the largest city in Peru, there are lots of attractions and things to do in Lima. Peru is a country full of amazing cities and historical sites, such as the city of Lima. Between
humantay lake cusco peru

Visiting The Amazing Humantay Lake In Cusco

When visiting Peru, taking a journey to see Humantay Lake in Cusco is guaranteed to help make your trip absolutely unforgettable. Located at 4200 meters in altitude in the Andes, the only way to see this incredible beauty is by braving
backpacker waiting on the side of the road

Travel Insurance In Peru: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to traveling, it is important to be courageous in the pursuit of what sets your spirit on fire. It is equally as important to make sure you’ve got travel insurance in Peru, as this ensures that your adventurous
llama at machu picchu watching the sun rise

Finding the Best Tour to Machu Picchu For You

So you’re visiting Peru and want to see Machu Picchu, but can’t decide what is the best Machu Picchu tour. There are a number of factors to consider when planning a tour to Machu Picchu. Things like transportation, sights you’re interested

The Best Time to Visit Peru

If you are planning a trip to Peru then you have already picked a spectacular location! All that is left is to make sure that you make the most of what this country has to offer. To figure out when the
Ecuador Hop Quilotoa

Ecuador Hop Begins Service in Ecuador

Thinking about traveling in Ecuador on your trip to South America? Ecuador Hop is a new bus company beginning service soon with the goal of making it easier for travelers to discover some of Ecuador’s hidden gems. Sister companies Peru Hop
Cusco to Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats Salar de Uyuni sunset reflective

Cusco To Uyuni Made Easy: How To Reach The Salt Flats

The journey from Cusco to Uyuni or Peru to Bolivia is quickly becoming one of the most traveled routes in all of South America and is now a rite of passage for those making the easy transition from Life as a
pilsen lima

The Ultimate Peruvian Beer Guide

Calling all Peruvian Beer aficionados: whether you’re living here, planning your trip or even if you’re just passing by – our team of experts has compiled the ultimate guide to Peruvian beer, customs & drinking culture, just for you. So read